Galactic British Empire


Space, the final frontier .. of the glorious Galactic British Empire!

Ever since the creation of the Newton Orbital Wormhole Terminal, the Royal British Galactic Navy has been scouring the galaxy in search of mineral rich planets to plunder, and alien races to enslave. God save the Queen. The first of these planets to be identified as Off-Planet Dominions of the British Empire, Elizabetopia, was established shortly after the first of the Galactic Navy Exploration vessels, HMS Trevithick, touched down with its three heavily armed envoys on board.

The HMS Trevithick was ably commanded by Captain Henry Brooklands-Smythe on its glorious mission to claim new abundant territories for the empire, subjugating any pesky alien races they might meet on the way of course, alongside his two colleagues for the trip, Professor Reginald Syngen-Bathlethwaite and Ensign Brown. Having claimed and named the planet Elizabetopia for her majesty the Queen by bravely conquering the indigenous stick wielding primitives, with the use of complicated military strategies, lateral thinking, superior intellect ….. and the huge arsenal of laser weapons they had brought on the trip, Brooklands-Smythe was proclaimed a hero of the Empire. Unfortunately shortly thereafter he was eaten alive whilst attempting to take his toilet beside what he mistakenly had assumed to be harmless fauna. The Blummin’ Angry Bush Bear, as it has since been classified, has subsequently been hunted to the verge of extinction.

Professor Syngen-Bathlethwaite stayed on planet to oversee the establishment of Faraday Station, now the Galactic Navy’s base of operations on planet, before assuming command of the Trevithick and setting off with Ensign Brown to continue its heroic mission. The last communication from the Prof came 6 days after departure, “Captain Syngen-Bathlethwaite reporting <crackle> all quiet on the journey so far <hiss> experienced a lot of comms interference <pop> heading to investigate the possible source of the issue <white noise>…”. No trace was ever found of the Trevithick or its crew.


The Trevithick class starship was derived from the original HMS Trevithick and included a number of structural enhancements, one offshoot being the model VS which had some fundamental design changes to aid with mass production and thus help to accelerate the growth of the Galactic Navy and subsequently the Empire itself. This class has since been superseded as a frontline exploration vessel but many examples remain in the service of the Galactic Navy till this day.


These days Faraday Station is a busy hub of traffic as work continues on the Future Unified Stepping Stone array in orbit above the planet, which will one day allow much bigger wormhole jumps for much bigger vessels. The majority of the manual or dangerous tasks on base are carried out by the tireless and versatile compliment of RoboTommy Mk IV robotic assistants deployed to the base, ably managed by the AI enhanced RoboTommy, RED-01.


Here in the Galactic British Empire manual labour is not something that happens to the ruling classes. To ease the burden, for those that can afford it, the RoboTommy robotic assistant was created. This versatile machine can be easily adapted to carry out any number of menial or dangerous tasks, especially when used as a platform augmentation tool. The Galactic British Navy have become the biggest customer for RoboTommy and have funded and lead developments in the military units.

Following a mass recall of the first production units due to risk of fire, the second version included a number of additional safety features. The recall of the second version production units following some high profile incidents of Robotocide lead to new software protocols and operating system encryption being introduced as a mandatory retrofit. The MkIV is the latest incarnation of this useful minion and includes a great many enhancements aimed at prolonging the unit’s useful life when operating off-planet.


The Brunel Class Starship is the Galactic British Navy’s replacement for the aging Trevithick class, now in use throughout the empire it offers a bigger cargo and passenger capacity and improved technology over its predecessor. The flagship of the fleet, The HMS Britannia, is an adapted version of the Brunel and has seen service as royal flight.


In an attempt to address growing concerns regarding piracy and mutiny in the outer reaches of the empire, the navy took the decision to err on the side of caution and commissioned the Whittle class starfighter which is able to be deployed in large numbers to protect the crown’s interests.

The ensuing design cycle was completed in record time which allowed the Navy’s “fearless” test pilot, Wing Commander Tom Jackson, to lead the flight test programme. Having crashed whilst leaving the assembly plant “brave” WCTJ took the second prototype out on a proving run. The third prototype proved to have very few of the issues that “plucky” WCTJ claimed had caused him to crash the 2nd prototype and very nearly completed its scheduled tests before “heroic” WC TJ flew it into the control tower.

The remainder of the testing phase, which took place during the time that “courageous” WCTJ spent convalescing, went relatively quietly and the Whittle class passed into service.

Trevithick Class Starship ( MyMiniFactory -Trevithick )
RoboTommy ( MyMiniFactory – RoboTommy )
Brunel Class Starship ( MyMiniFactory – Brunel )
Whittle StarFighter ( MyMiniFactory – Whittle )
Galactic Navy Base:
Landing Pads and service roads ( MyMiniFactory – Landing Pads & Service Roads )
Miscellaneous base items ( MyMiniFactory – Misc Items )
Power Generator: ( MyMiniFactory – Power Generator )

On planet vehicles:
RoboTommy Controlled Trucks ( MyMiniFactory – Service Trucks )

The Shades are HERE

Avenger StarFighter ( MyMiniFactory – Avenger )

The next chapter – 15 years later


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